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Features AstroTransit Software Edition 1.0


Full Advanced KP, Nadi, Cuspal Interlinks, Transit based Astrology Software

Chart Casting : Accurate Casting of Detailed Natal Charts, Horary Charts (for Numbers 1 to 249) & Instant Prashna/Time Chart & Navamsa Charts.
Planetary Details: : Planetary & Cuspal Positions upto Sub Sub level. Planetary degrees with Nakshatras. Nakshatra Lord, House, Zodiac and Retrograde Positions.

Planetray Transit Chart : Transit Planets superimposed on Natal Chart. Options to select a date, time (hour/minutes etc) and place of transit to get a more precise view of transit.
CUSTOMIZABLE OPTIONS : AstroTransit gives you many options to customize your output. 

  1. Chart Styles: You can choose between North Indian, South Indian or Estern style charts.
  2. Language: The names of planets can be given in English or any other language you specify in options. 
  3. Rotation: One click option under House Rotation allows you to rotate the chart and superimpose any house to become the first. You can also rotate the chart by taking the desired planet as Lagna. 
  4. Ayanamsa: There is a special calculation option screen to select different Ayanamsa including KP Ayanamsa (Old & New) Khullar, Lahiri and many more. 
  5. Nodes: You have the option to choose between True Nodes and Mean Nodes. 

Aspects & Conjunctions : Vedic & Western Aspects between Planets, Cusps. Options to modify aspects sets, orbits etc.  House aspects for every planet, Planet to Planet Aspects & Conjunction. Aspects & Conjunction shown separately for Natal, Bhaav, transit & Navamsa Charts. Eighteen type of Western Aspects, Very Strong Aspects, Set Orbit as per Your Choice, Aspects as advocated by Prof. Krishnamurthy in KP Reader 1, Planet to Planet & House to Planet Aspects.

Coordinates : Large city database with accurate latitude, longitude, time zone with facility to add custom city data. Selecting precise coordinates (latitude & longitude) using Maps

Panchanga : Panchanga of the day.  Panchanga Planetary Positions. Hindu Sunrise/Sunset. Tithi, Weekdays, Nakshatra, Yoga, Karna for any given day and location.

Ephemeris : Ephemeris of Planets and Panchanga.
Retrograde Calendar : Complete astrological calendar for any year retrograde phase dates for all planets. Know when the planets are turning direct or retro within selected time framework. 

Krishnamurthy Paddhati (KP) : Ascendant, Nirayana Bhav & KP Horary Chart in both North & South Indian Style.
  • KP based Planetary & House Cuspal Positions using different KP Ayanmasha
  • Tables of KP Significators Computed House wise and Planet wise.
  • Selection of Fruitful KP Significators as per Current Ruling Planets, as per Birth Ruling Planets, as per Ruling Vimshottari Dasha and as per Sub Lord. Option to filter fruitful significators based on events selected.
  • KP Planetary & House Aspects

  • Ruling Planets : Dedicated page for Natal and Transit Ruling Planets Detailed table. Ruling planets placed in Star or Sub of any retrograde planets are also displayed. Tools for periodic movements of ruling planets.

    Vimshottari Dasha : Get the Dasha Period till 5 levels  for any given date. Tree Structured Dasha Navigator for any period. 

    Cuspal Interlinks Table (Bhakskaran Paddhati) : Get Natal or Horary or Time Chart based on Bhakskaran Paddhati. Option to know the Planet links along with significators. Option to Know the planet interlinks till subsub lord level. Option to know the cuspal interlinks Significators automatically based on the houses choosen. Do the cuspal link analysis automatically to know the potential of cusp, dasha & planets. Program automatically selects the final significators, common significators & fruitful significators based on the selected events

    Nakshatra Nadi : Get Natal or Horary or Time Chart based on Nakshatra Nadi System

    Notepad : Software provides Notepad Option for editing/saving as well as analysis on Horoscopes.

    Reports : Condensed one page reports with Chart Type & Breakup. Facility of Printing/Preview and Export to PDF options.