Ultimate Artificial Intelligence Equipped Predictive Astrology Software




Know Whether Any Event is Promised :

Get artificial intelligence driven razor sharp auto prediction of "Event Promise" through colored Cusps in Natal/Horary or Instant Prashna Chart.

a. Know Promise of Events through Moon Position

b. Know Promise of Events through Cuspal Position

c. Analyse Promise by Assessing Strength of Sub Lord, Star Lord and Sub of Sub Lord of Selected Cusp.


Add/Delete Edit Your Own Events :

based on your own preferences & rules.

a. You can add/edit/delete any events based on your preferences

b. You can bifurcate the events based on Primary House, Positive House, Negative House and connecting houses

c. You can find a period of active houses on screen through artificial_intelligence as per the event selected.


Lordship :Get the lordship of all planets on rashi,bhava transit & navamsha chart.No other software give this output.


Know Strength of Cusp & Planet :on one go based on the significating houses selected.


Get Auto Refined Fruitful KP Significators :based on Current Ruling Planets, based on Dasha, Bhukti or based on Strength of Sub Lord.


Know Current Activated Houses :based on Dasha, Bhukti, Antra. Positive, Negative and Connecting Houses gets auto colored based on selected Events.


Aspects & Conjunction :shown separately for Natal, Bhaav, transit & Navamsa Charts. Get eighteen types of Western Aspects, Very Strong Aspects, Set Orbit as per Your Choice, Aspects as advocated by Prof. Krishnamurthy in KP Reader 1, Planet to Planet & House to Planet Aspects.


Cuspal Interlinks Table (Bhakskaran Paddhati) : :of Natal or Horary or Time Chart. Option to know the Planet links along with significators. Option to Know the planet interlinks till subsub lord level. Option to know the cuspal interlinks Significators automatically based on the houses choosen. Do the cuspal link analysis automatically to know the potential of cusp, dasha & planets. Program automatically selects the final significators, common significators & fruitful significators based on the selected events.


Nakshatra Nadi : :

Nakshatra Nadi coordinates

Nadi Color Coordinates on basis of Event Selected

Nadi Custom Event Create Option

Nadi Event Search

Nadi Transit Overlap

Nadi Coordinates in Transit


Dedicated detailed Transit (Gochar) Reporter :

a. Know when selected Dasha, Bhukti moves in the star of selected significators.

b. Know when the Moon is transiting in sign, star or sub of selected significators.

c. Know when Slow Moving or Fast Moving Planets are transiting in which Sign, Star or Sub on any given date. Also know in which house they are transiting, which house they are aspecting, which planets they are aspecting or with which planets they are conjunct with.


Content Rich :

This is a very powerful software based on Indian Astrological Science. The Software covers the recent Indian Astrological Streams which have evolved in 21st Century. To name a few it includes Krishnamurti Paddhati, Cuspal Interlinks as well as Nadi Astrology. The amount of contents and the depth of details provided in this software is incomparable with any other software.


  • In built Swiss Ephemeris for most precise cuspal and planetary positions.
  • True ChitraPaksha Ayanamsa

  • Artificial Intelligence Algorithms

  • Auto Resolution Based on User’s Computer

  • Natal & Transit cuspal and planetary positions.

  • Event Editor with an option to edit Primary and Supporting Cusps for specific Events

  • KP Significators

  • Cuspal Interlinks

  • Nadi Coordinates

  • Advance Event Finder