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MRP (Rs)  



Casting of Natal Charts – North, South and East Indian using standard time & LMT


Casting of Horary Charts for Numbers 1 to 249 – North, South and East Indian


Casting of Instant Time Charts (Instant Prashna Chart) – North, South and East Indian


Transits Charts (Full support for dynamic changes on screen as the time is changed)


Planets as Ascendant Chart


Planetary & Cuspal Positions up to Sub Sub Lord


Transit Planetary Positions


Aspects (Vedic)


Significator Tables based on KP, KB & Nadi




Notepad to save & Edit Remarks of Charts


Birth & Casting Time Ruling Planets


Rotate chart to any Cusp


Basic Details


Event Promise Based on Cusps & Planets


Know Cusp Strength



Luminaries Rise & Set


Ascendant Rising


All Planets Sub/Sub Sub Lord Change


All Planets Nakshatra/Rashi Change


Planet Positions in Interval


Individual Planets Sub/Sub Sub Lord Change


Individual Planets Nakshatra/Rashi Change


Sub/Sub Sub Table


Dates of Retrogression of Planets




Planet Rotation


Western Aspects


Transit Overlap



Ayanamsas (Multiple)


True/Mean Rahu Ketu Set Options


Astrologer’s Details


Customizable Orbits


Geocentric Correction Option


Select to Include Outer Planets


Select Language (English & Hindi)


Customised Planet Names


Birth/Transit Location


Choice of Different Ayanamsa


KP, KB, Nadi Custom Event Create/Editor Option



PDF Horoscope Output


Condensed One Page Report



Compatible with all Windows System (Both 32 Bit & 64 Bit)




K.P. Basic Charts with Divisions


KP Prashna Kundli (1 to 249)


KP Instant Prashna Chart


KP Rotated Cusp


KP Ruling Planets


K.P. Signifcators with ABCD


KP Significators on basis of Event Selected


KP Colored Significators


Selecting Common Significators


Significators as per Current Ruling Planet


Significators as per without Retro Ruling Planets


Fruitful Significators as per Sub Lord Strength


DBAS Significators


K.P. Sub-Sub Lord Changes


K. P. style Vimshotari Dasa


KP Custom Event Create Option


KP Event Search


KP Transit Overlap


KP Significators in Transit


Option to Select Planets in Transit



Nadi Coordinates


Nadi Color Coordinates on basis of Event Selected


Nadi Custom Event Create Option


Nadi Event Search


Nadi Transit Overlap


Nadi Coordinates in Transit


Option to Select Planets in Transits



Custom Event Create Option


KB Colored Significators


Planet Links


Planet Interlinks


Cuspal Link Significators


Auto Selects Final Significators


Auto Selects Pure Significators


Auto Selects Fruitful Significators


Option to include/exclude Sub Sub Lord


Transit Overlap


Option to Select Planets in Transits


Cuspal Link Analysis to Know Potential of Star Lord and Sub Lord



Ruling Horoscope (Time Chart)


Current Transits Information


Yearly Transits


KP Transits


Advanced Transits


Daily Ephemeris For Any Place


Daily Lagna Transit


Luminaries (Rising & Setting)


Transit Time Slice Tool


Individual Planet Transit


Transit Planet House Aspects, Planet Aspects, Conjunction


Option to Select Planets as per KP, KB & Nadi


Transit Planets highlighted as per Ruling Planets, Sub Lord & Current Dasha, Bhukti, Antra


Option to include Nodes as per Rashi Chart